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From starting a company to building partnerships, ensuring compliance, hiring talents or resolving disputes, our team is at your side at every step of the journey.





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Launching Companies

Choosing the right structure for your project and complying with all the associated legal requirements is crucial for your credibility and future growth.

We help you set up healthy foundations for open and honest communication, as well as aligned interests between co-founders. A co-founders’ agreement (or shareholders’ agreement) mitigates the risks of disputes and enhances your performance in the long term.

Investors and founders will usually start negotiating the terms of the funding in a non-binding letter of intent and a term sheet, before signing a detailed investment agreement.

Compliance with data protection has become central. We help our clients ensure conformity and protect their personality. We also help protect your information with NDA’s and your name, brand, logo and/or tagline by registering trade marks.

Building Partnerships

Specifying the employer’s and employee’s roles, rights and obligations is strongly recommended to avoid misunderstandings and prevent conflicts.

If you are partnering with another company on a specific project, you will require a document to govern the relationship, i.e. to establish mutual undertakings, shared profits and respective liabilities.

In case you are mandating a consultant or contractor, a consultancy agreement to formalise the relationship is strongly recommended, notably to define the tasks, remuneration, expenses and objectives.

If an external party will be distributing your products on your behalf (or vice versa), we recommend signing a distribution agreement to lay out the agreed terms and prevent any conflict or interpretation issues.

Resolving Disputes

If collaborations do not work as planned – inconsistent services or unpaid invoices – we help you find a solution through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

After having reached a certain size, conflicts in the workplace are almost inevitable and unchecked conflicts may cause irreversible damage to people and companies. Developing a positive company culture and leadership, as well as preventing and resolving such conflicts is essential.

Important responsibilities, different visions, high-stress situations, the cases where conflicts may arise between co-founders are frequent and have to be appropriately addressed. We help co-founders to resolve such disputes through constructive negotiation, mediation or, ultima ratio, litigation.

In case public authorities request unjustified authorisations or dispute your right to obtain a specific status, we help you by analyzing the legal situation and, if there are chances of success, defending your interests in court.

This is a selection of our practice areas. For any other needs in corporate law, feel free to contact us.

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