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Jonathan Bory

Attorney-at-Law | Partner

Jonathan Bory advises people and companies in legal strategy, contract negotiations and dispute resolution.

From more than ten years of experience, he understands the challenges of running a company in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Jonathan focuses on a few clients, choosing to devote his time and resources to a select group of people and businesses across a variety of industries. He notably assists startups, investors, asset managers, boards and executives as well as HR departments.

He helps the firm’s clients navigate in a complex legal world and solve conflicts through negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation.

Next to his practice, Jonathan teaches negotiations and alternative dispute resolution at the University of Neuchâtel.

He is fluent in French, English and German.

Education & Admission

2021 – Lecturer at the University of Neuchâtel (Negotiations & Alternative Dispute Resolution)
2019 – Ph.D. defended (The Effectiveness of the Freedom of Contract)
2018 – SBA Certified Mediator
2016 – Appointed Vice-President of the Employment Court (ended in 2021)
2015 – Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School, NY
2013 – Appointed Lecturer in Law at the University of Applied Sciences (HES-SO)
2010 – Admitted to the Bar, Canton of Bern
2008 – Master of Laws, Universities of Fribourg & Berlin

Recent Cases (Selection)

Advised an international real estate group in relation with property acquisitions in Switzerland

Represented a multinational company in negotiating the outsourcing of a key business function

Negotiated the revision of a collective labour agreement with a large workers’ association

Negotiated termination agreements of key executives both for employees and employers

Assisted startups in negotiating financing rounds (e.g. in the FinTech, FemTech and LegalTech fields)

Assisted a medical group in structuring its Swiss-based subsidiary and advised on corporate law and regulatory compliance

Assisted a private equity group in structuring its Swiss-based subsidiary and advised on contractual law and general compliance

Publications & Conferences (Selection)

Bory Jonathan, L’effectivité de la liberté contractuelle [The Effectiveness of the Freedom of Contract], PhD Thesis Lausanne, 2021

Bory Jonathan, Médiation et droit, Module de la formation de l’école professionnelle de médiation et de négociation, 12 février 2021, Lausanne

Bory Jonathan, Dix conseils (légaux) aux entrepreneurs, Conférence organisée par HEC Espaces Entreprises dans le cadre de la Global Entrepreneurship Week, 18 novembre 2020, Lausanne

Bory Jonathan, Dispute resolution through mediation – Actionable tools and techniques, Workshop organisé par MediateGuru, 22 octobre 2020, Mumbai (en ligne)

Bory Jonathan, Avocat-entrepreneur: cela bouge dans le domaine du droit, conférence organisée par le Hub innovation et entrepreneuriat de l’UNIL, 21 octobre 2020, Lausanne

Bory Jonathan, La négociation de contrats bancaires en matière de technologie, Intervention dans le cadre du CAS Digital Finance Law, 26 septembre 2020, Genève

Bory Jonathan, La négociation des contrats d’affaires, Conférence organisée par la Clinique du droit des affaires, 9 juin 2020, Aix-en-Provence (en ligne)

Bory Jonathan, Quelques principes de négociation de contrats à l’usage des avocats, Conférence organisée par le Jeune Barreau Vaudois, 16 juin 2020, Lausanne

Bory Jonathan/Hussein Rachid, La médiation en pratique – Quelques outils de résolution des conflits, contribution in La voix de son Maître, n. 50, 2019, Lausanne, p. 12 ss

Bory Jonathan, Quelle liberté contractuelle face à Facebook, Instagram et LinkedIn ? Réflexions éthiques et juridiques, Conférence organisée par UniDistance, 17 octobre 2019, Sion

Boards & Memberships

Co-Founder and Chairman of Lendora


Co-Founder of Aura Mediation

Member of the board of the Vaud Young Bar Association (JBVD)

Former President of the Bernese Association of Trainees Attorneys (ABENAS)

Member of the Vaud Bar Association (OAV) and the Swiss Bar Association (FSA)

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